García García

García is the most common surname in Spanish speaking countries.

My grandfather, Fermín García García (1911-1997), is a figure that I only got to imagine through the photographs he left, the words he wrote and the anecdotes that my mother would narrate about him. This puzzle of elements strengthened my connection with him and created a sort of legendary character in my head, a hero who was of my own.

Through this work, I aim to bring this relationship into visual responses, reflecting also on those beliefs that separate us from each other and the lives that we experienced.

“We should start laughing before feeling happiness, so that death doesn’t come without having laughed.”

”Oviedo 27-8-1934:

    In the depths of the sea, the pearl was born. Its high stone, the blue violet.
       In the mist, the drops of dew.
    In my memory, you.”

“When will the World end? The very day I die“